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Know How your Home Insurance is Calculated

A question that often comes up is how Home Insurance is calculated. This is important to know so you can be confident that you’re receiving proper coverage and paying fair premiums. It's easiest thought that your Home Insurance is determined by the condition of your home and how resistant it … [Read More...]

The Importance of Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage

Recently, there was an unfortunate car accident in our area that resulted in massive property damages needing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in repairs. It is noted that the driver at fault is unlikely to have adequate insurance to pay for all the damage and, therefore, will need to pay for … [Read More...]

Boat Towing Insurance, Getting out of Undesired Situations

Scenario: You are out driving your boat for your annual summer trip on your favorite lake, when suddenly, rogue debris gets sucked up and caught in your engine, rendering it inoperable. What do you do? Having some sort of mechanical issue out on a lake isn't uncommon, and is likely to happen … [Read More...]

Situations for Why Travel Insurance is Worth the Investment

There are MANY reasons for a trip to be cancelled.  A personal situation in your life, a major weather challenge, a medical emergency, or a problem with a third party vendor that is directly related to your travel.  A trip can be very expensive, especially if it's with your family.  Here are a … [Read More...]