As an independent insurance agency, Seely & Durland Insurance represents your interests, not the interests of any one insurance company. As a result, we’re able to offer you customization, choice and a level of consultation not found with a direct writer or online insurance provider. We’ll research your options and craft a personalized, competitively-priced insurance protection program just for you. We are proud to serve the Tri State Area, the Greater Hudson Valley New York and Orange County areas including, but not limited to, Warwick, Pine Island, Monroe, Newburgh, and Middletown.


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Keep These Tips in Mind When Filing a Claim

  The insurance world may seem complicated and complex. Some common questions that arise are: When is the right time to file a claim? When is not the right time to file a claim? Is every claim worth reporting? Is your worry the increasing rates that may follow? What is a … [Read More...]

Brianna Smith, a Fourth Generation of SDI

This Summer, Seely & Durland Insurance added a new employee who is very close to us. Brianna Smith, daughter of Beth Durland (sister of Garrett and Stuart Durland), has joined our team as our full time receptionist.  She is first person to greet and/or talk with you when you have any … [Read More...]

Lets Put Texting while Driving into Perspective

Every year there are 1.6 million crashes that involve cell phone use. This can be equated to four times the attendance of the 1960's Woodstock concert being involved in an accident per year due to a cell phone. Statistics show that at any moment, 660,000 drivers are using their phone behind the … [Read More...]

Emerging increase in Heavy Rainfall and Lack of Homes carrying Flood Insurance

With the recent concern over Hurricane Joaquin, interesting statistics came out in the article “Why don’t property owners have flood insurance?” This article turns back to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, causing $70 billion in damage where “less than half of those affected were … [Read More...]