Boat Insurance, Consider Coverage before Revving up the Engine!


Statistic: In 2013, recreational boating accidents resulted in well over $10 million in damage, down from over $25 million in damage in 2011. Boat insurance covers most motored water-crafts in the event of a loss, such as an accident or theft, which could make all the financial difference in the event of catastrophe. If you are […]

Why Managing Credit Score Saves Money on Auto Insurance


Your credit score is one of the main factors used to determine what you pay for auto insurance. Therefore, ones payments may be more than expected, depending upon how low their credit is. It may seem like an unfair determinant, since comparing the two doesn’t conclude obvious correspondence. However, the insurance industry has accumulated and […]

RV Insurance and Safety, What to Know


RV insurance is unique in that it combines home and auto insurance coverage into one policy. One can purchase RV insurance as an add-on to an auto insurance policy or as a separate policy. RV insurance provides protection for: Collisions with other vehicles or objects Weather Vandalism Theft and other risks RV owners should recognize that it is […]

7 Points on How to Handle a Car Accident

Isn't it easy to avoid the accident?

Leaving the scene after a car incident, even if it is just a minor fender bender, without contacting the police has a likelihood to be in violation of law. Being informed on actions to take in the event of an accident can alleviate liability, stress, and time. Contact the police so those who are in need of aid can receive […]

Secure the Safety of your Holiday Gifts


Did you receive or buy a very nice gift this holiday season? This may include an expensive piece of jewelry, technology, or perhaps you added a new gun to your gun collection. You would want to insure these items for all risks, would you not? In general, homeowners with an insurance policy will have their […]

Winter Freezing, Staying Clear from Contacting your Insurance Agent!


Our area is commonly subjected to cold weather that consists of snowfall and freezing temperatures. Here are some key points on how to make sure you are not contacting your insurance agent because of a winter-related disaster! Things to think of: Keep your home heated to at least 60 degrees to prevent frozen pipes. Remove debris from gutters so clogged […]

Customer Appreciation Day, Celebrating 80 Years of Service!


On October 8th, Seely & Durland held our customer appreciation day, celebrating 80 years of service to our Town of Warwick community and the Hudson Valley/Tri-State region. This “Under the Tent” celebration was a way for us to express our extreme gratitude to our clients and community, including hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, and refreshments. We were very […]

Protect Your Business From Halloween Horrors!


Halloween is on Friday, October 31st, a time for dressing up and enjoying candy, but also a time for crime. Business owners should be especially cautious around Halloween, for it is the time of mischief. Statistically, crime has a habit of increasing just like any other ‘holiday’. Take action to protect your property (along with making […]

Smoke Detectors, It’s About that Time to Check!


Statistic: More than two-thirds of residential fire deaths occur in homes without smoke detectors or with smoke detectors that aren’t functioning properly according to the National Protection Association. Fires are the leading cause of unintentional injury and death of families and children. It is said that about one in four homes built before 2004 may be at […]

Insuring Your Child’s Property While They’re at School


When sending your child off to school, it’s common for them to take along things such as a computer, television, stereo, jewelry, clothing, possibly furniture, etc… This sometimes leaves parents questioning whether their child will be protected under their homeowners insurance while they are out of home. The good news is that most homeowner’s insurance […]