Gas Leaks are Serious Problems. Take fast action!


Recently, there was a terrible explosion in Manhattan collapsing two building and killing several, and the suspected cause was a gas explosion that resulted from a gas leak. Here is gas leak information that everyone should know to help prevent these situations. Recognizing a gas leak: Natural gas normally is odorless, but the gas supplied [...]

Snow Sitting on Your Roof? It’s Time to start ‘Roof-Raking!’


After heavy snow fall it is important to remove the snow from your roof. Removing snow off of your roof doesn’t only take off the excess weight, it also prevent ice dams from potentially forming on your roof. This is why roof raking is important! Ice dams mainly form because of melting snow, so if you’re [...]

Minimize Your Risk of an Auto Accident


Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of reality. Even if you are a safe and reliable driver, it doesn’t mean everyone else on the road is. Here we have compiled ways to help minimize the chances of being in an auto accident. Enroll in a driving safety course. This is a great way to practice [...]

Receive an Item of Substantial Value this Holiday Season?


Did you receive a very nice gift this past holiday season? This may include an expensive piece of jewelry or technology, or perhaps you have added a new gun to your gun collection. You would want to insure these items for all risks, would you not? Generally, a homeowner with an insurance policy will have [...]

Looking for Protection from Uninsured Motorists? Uninsured Motorist Coverage.

UninsuredDrivers Traffic

Even though we would like to think everyone has an auto insurance policy to cover potential losses, some don’t; and this can strongly effect those of us that do. This sort of situation is when Uninsured Motorist Coverage comes into play. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured Motorist Coverage protects you from bodily injury costs, including death, [...]

Have a Safe and Wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving is almost here and we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! No matter what is going on in our lives, there is always something for which to be thankful! To help ensure a special day with family and friends, we have a few helpful Thanksgiving tips and reminders: Turkey Defrosting Tip: [...]

Common At-fault and Not-at-fault Auto Claims


When individuals are involved in an accident, they are sometimes unsure whether they were the ones at fault or not. Here are a few common at-fault situations: If you are driving in a rush and decide to tailgate the driver in front of you, and they need to abruptly hit the brakes resulting in you rear-ending them, [...]

Seely & Durland Earns Best Practices Agency

Best Practices

More than 1,100 independent agencies throughout the U.S. were nominated to take part in the annual Best Practices study, but only 216 agencies qualified for the honor, and Seely & Durland was one of only 9 selected in NY.

What to Do After a Car Crash


Accidents are scary and distressing moments, but knowing what to do ahead of time can help you through an unexpected event. In the event of an car accident: Whether you’ve run into a ditch or are involved in an accident with another vehicle, the first priority is to call the police and make sure there are [...]

3 ways to Lower Auto-Insurance Premiums WITHOUT Sacrificing Coverage


Purchasing “low-cost” auto insurance may save you money short term, but will it provide the “right” coverage in the event you need to use it, thereby costing you dearly in the long run?  In other words…peace of mind!  Low cost auto-insurance usually means you aren’t receiving adequate coverage in the event of a serious car incident. Here [...]